All these bright colorful gems!

It is a kaleidoscope of vast colors to choose from when it comes to gems in the world today. The array of jewels found across the world in mines is quite fascinating with great demand. For many of us gemstones represent our birthstone of what month of the year we were born. But for the desires of our hearts the beauty these precious stones have, it is hard to chose a favorite. There is an ambience each gemstone carries like every color in the rainbow and the names start from A to Z. A gem is quite a fascinating mineral in a league of its own. All minerals belong to one of the six crystal groups, classified according to the way the atoms of the mineral are arranged. Minerals also have di

How to know real gold!

​ Gold is quite a precious metal and not so surprising to be one of the most expensive. It is important to know when purchasing any gold that it is just what it says it is in karat weight. Sadly, in the gold industry of refining one may feel that in seeing 10k, 14k, 18k or other an individual feels they are buying a valuable piece of jewelry, dishware, watches, etc. but unfortunately are not getting what they think. At Salerno Pawn & Jewelry we only sell "Real Gold"! As reputable Jewelry designers for decades here in Florida we know every aspect of manufacturing, designing, customizing and so much more expert knowledge of the industry that we thoroughly test every piece of gold from our

Did the diamond fall from the sky?

Where do diamonds come from, it couldn't have, right... The precious unique diamond is in all parts of the world mined from the earth. But it is believed that there is also a Russian asteroid crater holds over 1 patrillion dollars worth of diamonds which could supply over 3,000 years for the demand of this beautiful gem. Some interesting facts about diamonds, they are nearly impossible to scratch and can cut just about anything which many industries have been known to use them as an amazing cutting tool. As a renowned jewelry manufacturer we have knowledge of clarity, cut, carat even the many color hues this beautiful mineral can come with. When one thinks of the diamond best guess would

A world of beautiful jewelry design!

Beauty does come from within; as a jewelry design starts with an idea. That one breathtaking ring, matching bracelet and necklace set, pair of earrings, charm or any other "just have to have" amazing genuinely drafted piece of jewelry was started by superior crafting skills. As a 3D Designer amongst many other professions in the industry, some of the greatest creative pieces start with the use of Graphic Design to illuminate a cutting edge unique item in the world or artistic master mind. A little time is not just what it takes to give top notch quality beauty, yet in many cases it is an understatement as you look behind the scenes of jewelry design many countless hours go into the beauti

What's all the talk about Gold...

Gold a precious metal in high demand. So the brakes never stopped since the renowned "Gold Rush" of 1849, so there was (and still is) gold up in the mountains, in 2014 over 200 mines with 3,000 reserves in the U.S. alone and seems to be all across the world in record numbers. Digging or mining is quite a bit bigger today and for amazing reasons. Beyond the point of 70% of Gold used in beautiful jewelry, it's also demanded in markets of technology, energy, medical (not just dental, scientifically used in cancer cells of patients as the radiation can kill it off) and others. Even more amazing to fathom Astronauts use it in their helmets to reflect sun-rays. This precious metal fascination

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