Perfect Place at the Perfect Time!!

To Pawn today is the perfect time with so many treasures of valuable items you have and even things your not sure of. Salerno Pawn and Jewelry on A1A in Stuart is the perfect place to visit. We pay the highest cash value on numerous items you have anywhere from your garage and throughout your home. We make it easy, fast, confident with our knowledgeable experts who take all the guess work out of pawning anything from A to Z. Let us count the ways Salerno Pawn & Jewely can do so much for "YOU"!! 1) It's quick cash 2) Perfect for Christmas 3) Help to pay any Bills 4) Get cash with in minutes 5) Secure and Confident 6) Easy to do 7) We use the best value tools in the industry 8) Fast, Friendl

The History behind Birthstones!

​ When you want to find the beautiful gemstones that represent whatever month of the year you were born, one can travel the world for the most popular producers. The richest garnet countries are Sri Lanka, India and Africa however even more fascinating is the vibrant color comes from a rainbow of colors reflecting more red dating back to 3100 B.C. The Amethyst from the ancient Greek and Romans representing February and also symbolizes Royalty can be found by todays primary source in Brazil although there are other fabulous finds in Zambia and historically from Russia. Myths have it that the aquamarine meaning for latin aqua as water and marina for sea was used to protect sailors, also to

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