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Ever Wonder How The Ring On Your Finger Was Made?

The process of designing and manufacturing a unique piece of jewelry is a delicate task. It all starts as an image or cherished idea in your head. The next step is finding the right professional jewelry makers who can bring your vision to life. Debby and Allen Stasevich, expert jewelry manufacturers of Salerno Pawn and Jewelry, have been designing extraordinary pieces of jewelry utilizing computer aided design for over 30 years. Clients on a local and national level connect with Salerno Jewelry to construct memorable pieces to gift to their loved ones for anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, holidays and more. In Debby's experience, finding the right jeweler to help facilitate the creation of your vision will make the design process more gratifying.

Computer aided design, commonly known as CAD, is a digitized program that can create a model or design with functional dimensions on the computer. Designers with the proper training and experience will be proficient with CAD. This innovative feature is excellent for designing jewelry such as wedding rings, necklaces and bracelets. Clients can design unique pieces through a trial and error process. Programmers can render an image for customers to visually see what it will look like, and from there, clients can choose stone and metal colors. At this point, jewelers will be discussing elements such as 10k versus 14k gold, amount of diamonds and carat total weights. This step in the design process can be extremely exciting for clients!

Once the model is complete to the clients liking, the CAD designer transforms the one of a kind design into a file format that a 3D printer or milling machine can read. These high-tech machines produce an exact copy of the jewelry model the designer created in wax form! The machine either grows the wax figure or cuts away from a larger piece of wax: ultimately creating a life-sized wax replica. Once clients get to this stage with the help of their expert jewelers, the next step in the process is the casting process: transforming the wax into gold!


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