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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

For many generations, precious metals have been recycled. Sometimes, they are simply handed down from generation to generation in their original form. Some metals are separated from the stones allowing the person who inherited it to create their own piece of art. And many times they are separated by a metals refinery that will make it pure again. In the later process, the metals can then be used by a new consumer avoiding the need for additional mining. Gemstones will be separated and sold back to the market also avoiding the need for additional mining.

Some may choose to donate the jewelry to charity or as gifts to friends that have a special meaning to them. In return, the person that receives the gift has a long lasting memory that they can use and enjoy.

Precious metals are recycled at all levels of manufacturing. Great care is taken to recover all metals that are lost during the manufacturing process. All metals recovered during the process are reused and put back into use. Salerno Pawn and Jewelry always uses the reduce, reuse and recycle method from selling estate jewelry to removing stones and repurposing gold for other purposes. Such purposes include reusing the gold to make a handmade Cuban link bracelets and necklaces. Often times, we also recycle diamonds for engagement rings and diamond wedding bands. Salerno Pawn and Jewelry can guide you through the process. We can also help you design any piece of jewelry you no longer use creating a new piece of jewelry you want to wear every day.


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