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Engagement Rings and What's Trending.

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment that a couple will share. This makes choosing the perfect ring even more special. Couples can find it hard to pick an engagement ring that perfectly represents their styles and personalities. A lot goes into choosing the right ring. For example, the diamond’s shape, style, metal and other features can be taken into consideration.

We have many styles of engagement rings and we can help find what you are looking for or atleast guide you to what you have in mind. There are plenty of new diamond shapes available other than the classic round or square princes cut diamond. Pear-shaped, oval and marquise cut diamonds can all make a stunning engagement ring. The ideas are endless. Maybe you are more into a simple look and prefer a solitaire diamond engagement ring. That means you want only one brilliant center diamond set in yellow or white gold. Or if you want more than one diamond, you can always choose a unique shape for the center diamond and set smaller diamonds on the sides called diamond accents. These type of engagement rings always look amazaing. The more diamonds the better!

One of the many styles of rings that are trending is the three stoned rings. Especially after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement. What do these three stones symbolize? They are said to represent a couple’s past, present and future. A beautiful stacked ring can make a great statement style for many brides-to-be. Some brides might like adding multiple engagement bands to their ring finger while others prefer the traditional engagement ring with wedding band only. Stacked rings are also trending.

When it comes to choosing the metal for your ring, most brides choose gold. Of course, you can choose anything you would like for example sterling silver. There is yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Rose gold has made a big comeback in the world of jewelry. The gorgeous rosy shade goes perfectly with anyone and everyone. Rose gold metal also goes well with all kinds of diamond cuts and shapes. Another trend that is going around is colored diamonds or gemstones. Diamonds not only come in a sparkly white color. They also come in a beautiful canary yellow, champagne tones and chocolate brown diamonds. Also, instead of a diamond center stone, you might like a gorgeous ruby or stunning sapphire stone with diamond accents. This is also a nice style and it looks great!

As you can see, there are many new trends this year especially in jewelry. Whatever your style may be always make sure it is all you! Here at Salerno Pawn and Jewelry, we will happily assist you in picking out your dream ring. The many styles and shapes that we have in store will also guide you to looking for that perfect ring for that special day. You can also browse our engagement rings on our website. Stop by our store to see our jewelry for any special occasion.

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