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Is Gold a Good Investment?

This pictured authentic, 22 karat Centenario 50 pesos gold coin in a 14 karat gold frame was $485 in the year 2000. Today, we have it at Salerno Pawn and Jewelry for sale for $4850. That is 10 times return on your investment in 20 years and you get to enjoy wearing your necklace and coin jewelry at the same time. The same is true if you would have bought a bracelet, necklace, ring, charm, chain, anklet or earrings. You can find great deals at Salerno Pawn and Jewelry, located in Golden Gate on Dixie highway, on new, pre loved, and good condition used jewelry. Many pieces are estate pieces that are still desirable. Here, we are very selective and carefully examine pre-owned, second-hand, vintage and antique jewelry. We are family owned and operated in Stuart, Martin County, Florida for almost nine years. Previously, we manufactured, designed, wholesaled, and distributed gold and platinum fine jewelry for the jewelry industry for 30 years.

We are open Wednesday through Sunday and will give you a free estimate of what we will pay for your gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, tennis bracelets, opals, pearls and hallmarked items, pieces and heirlooms. We have the capability of checking your gold karat purity and test your diamonds. At Salerno Pawn and Jewelry, we have the experience to determine the value of your jewels and offer the highest prices paid. We buy and pawn gold coins, diamonds, diamond jewelry in 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22k and platinum. We also buy and sell sterling silver, or can trade valuables.

What other luxury item or fine accessory can you own and wear for 20 years and its cost today would be 10 times what you paid for it? Now you tell us if gold is a good investment.


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