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Diamonds are Forever...

Diamonds are the most precious, cherished and loved gemstone. They are also the strongest mineral. The natural diamonds we see today are over 1 million years old! In old times, diamonds were used as currency. Today, diamonds are symbols of love, strength, and commitment.

The journey of a diamond is lengthy. Diamonds are mined from the earth. Once the rough diamond is extracted, it gets sorted into categories depending the color, size, quality and shape. Once sorted, the diamonds are sent to be cut and polished. From the cutters, diamonds are sold to jewelry manufacturers that will utilize the stones in fine jewelry. The finished jewelry is then sold to retailers that will sell product to the public.

Since diamonds are the strongest minerals available, they are used for many applications such as cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing. They are used in many industries like construction, audio equipment, aerospace, automotive, computers, etc. Diamonds are even used to cut stone. Back in my manufacturing days, when we would set thousands of diamonds, some would break. We would accumulate broken diamonds and sell them to a company that manufactured marble. They would use the diamonds to polish the marble. Wherever and however the diamonds are being used, they are transported in an envelope called brifkas. Brifkas can hold thousands of diamonds or single stones. Diamonds have so many uses.

The one thing that we, at Salerno Pawn and Jewelry are most excited about is that diamonds are symbols of love. Because of their strength, they represent unbreakable love. Diamonds are the first stone that come to mind when we think of a marriage proposal and therefore are most often used in engagement rings. Like the saying signifies, "Diamonds are Forever." They are also timeless, so they will be around for life and future generations.


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