It's raining Ca$h...

The pawn industry is one of the many institutes that you can always count on to give you money when you need it fast. It would be a great day if it truly was "Raining Cash", but this is how money rolls in the pawn brokerage business. At Salerno Pawn and Jewelry we know many of you near and far have valuable items in your home that you might not be aware which could bring you a little wealth, we can help. Our store makes it easy and fast for you to come in to our convenient location 7 days a week (starting this Fridays Christmas hours) so you can get your life needs handled if you're in need of extra cash. If you're new at pawning, Salerno is not only friendly as we treat you as family, b

Treasures you'll find in Martin County...

There is a flare of unique riches you will find in the beauty of Martin County where treasures can be found everywhere we look. As we live, love, work and call home the wonderful community of Stuart, FL we have grown passionate about the perseverance it takes to preserve the genuine gem that Martin County is as one of the 66 Counties in our state. Stuart was known as the "Sailfish Capital of the world historically as well. It should come as know surprise where the Treasure Coasts name comes from, if you guessed "treasure" has something to do with it you are right. Stretching all along our Coast, it carries a desire to search for gold by vast treasure hunter enthusiast (or other artifacts)

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

"Everywhere you go" the holiday season seems to be alive all throughout Martin County. It is a time of year people have a joyous feeling for family, events, food, fun, fond memories of Christmases past or the decorations of lights, trees, music and more. In light of the holidays of tinsel, illuminating lights, stockings and gift giving at Salerno Pawn & Jewelry we are ready for our second Season with our many customers and new found friends we have served all year long. There is green, red and other decorations we fondly displayed to get the joyous spirit captivated in our wonderful Jewelry & Pawn store. There is a huge variety of exquisite jewelry at excellent pricing surely to fit ever

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