It's a great service to be a Pawnbroker!

To be poised in an industry designed to serve many various customers it is an honor to be one of the Treasure Coast's best reputable caring Pawn Shops. It comes as a substantial pleasure to us that has such high rewards to help in many ways the needs of individuals who want a little or a large amount of cash daily. At Salerno Pawn & Jewelry we decided one of the convenience we could offer is most suitable hours open late til 7 pm during the week and also offer our services on Saturdays and Sundays. Which we have heard a hundred times, "I am so glad you are open on Sundays"! Convenience of not only be fast to secure quick loans on tangible items, but we also are one of the highest pay out

Salerno: uses the best Diamond grade systems!

It is refreshing to know the exquisite beauty of a remarkable genuine diamond and the characteristic of all the traits this amazing jewel displays. But even more amazing is how to determine the value of the 4 C's. To the first time buyer of any diamond jewelry item whether you're in the market for earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or the traditional ooh-la-la engagement wedding ring set; there is a world renowned grading system that tells you the purchaser just how beautiful the diamond you may be looking at is. Don't be fooled by what we learned in the days of school as to receiving an " F ", when it comes to grading a diamond the " F " is just what you would hope for and stands for Flawle

An engaging experience at Salerno...

It is rewarding to be of service in the industry of Pawn and Jewelry. But even more rewarding is to help. Whether it is a little bit of cash or possibly alot, one of many great assets is to be one of the highest paid cash pawn shops in the Treasure Coast. It is the heart of what we like to say "people helping people business". As you may know there are treasures that you may have just lying around your home with unmeasurable value, but Salerno Pawn and Jewelry are experts and very knowledgeable when it comes to pricing many various items, not only jewelry. If you are in need of extra cash, we are here to help. Bring in anything from Golf equipment, Scuba Gear, Trinkets, dishes or glass

In honor of Labor Day, a salute to jewelry craftsmen!

There is a passion and heart that goes into countless hours of a fine piece of quality jewelry. Salerno Pawn & Jewelry extends our gratitude to the work force that makes up the Jewelry Industry. Our suppliers and manufacturers we work with have our highest appreciation for the superior selection they create for our valued customers. We know the many steps from creation, design and the beauty of the finished item it takes beginning to end; so we thank you for all you do. Hand picking particular gems of many shapes and colors or diamonds of multiple carats with skillful settings is a quality we take great pride in to pass on to you for any occasion. Superior jewelry that will last a lifet

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