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How do Pawn Shops work

As life happens for some it may require quick cash and the benefit of knowing no credit checks are required may be the best choice depending on ones lifestyle or past credit. When you are in need of a loan a pawn shop is a great way to go. Pawning is easier than one might think, simply bring in a valuable item such as gold, silver, gems, other jewelry, multitudes of merchandise like instruments, electronics, collectibles, nostalgic or historic items and many other good condition products. You can call to see if they trade on the items you have. When a loan transaction occur at Salerno Pawn and Jewelry we are glad to be of service and help you in a fast friendly confident manner. Our loans are guaranteed and backed by the federal laws as a financial institute or bank. Rest assured it is our passion to serve you not only for needs and requirements today, but for a lifetime. Please stop in our establishment Tuesday through Sunday with convenient hours. - The owners

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