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The History behind Birthstones!

When you want to find the beautiful gemstones that represent whatever month of the year you were born, one can travel the world for the most popular producers. The richest garnet countries are Sri Lanka, India and Africa however even more fascinating is the vibrant color comes from a rainbow of colors reflecting more red dating back to 3100 B.C. The Amethyst from the ancient Greek and Romans representing February and also symbolizes Royalty can be found by todays primary source in Brazil although there are other fabulous finds in Zambia and historically from Russia. Myths have it that the aquamarine meaning for latin aqua as water and marina for sea was used to protect sailors, also to accent Spring or Summer wardrobes and once again the top mining country is Brazil, although also found in Madagascar, Zambia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Mozambique. One of the highest valued birthstone is Aprils, the ever popular diamond which symbolizes eternal love. Although white is what we recognize most this beautiful gem comes in a multitude of various hues such as yellow, red, green, blue and pink. Dated back from biblical times. There is a historical lifeline to every beautiful birthstone representing all 12 months of the year. As a top jewelry designer Salerno Pawn and Jewelry carry superior quality birthstone merchandise; We can specialty order and even design that special piece you desire. Stop in to learn more or let us help you find just what you desire in your fine jewelry.

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