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How to know real gold!

Gold is quite a precious metal and not so surprising to be one of the most expensive. It is important to know when purchasing any gold that it is just what it says it is in karat weight. Sadly, in the gold industry of refining one may feel that in seeing 10k, 14k, 18k or other an individual feels they are buying a valuable piece of jewelry, dishware, watches, etc. but unfortunately are not getting what they think. At Salerno Pawn & Jewelry we only sell "Real Gold"! As reputable Jewelry designers for decades here in Florida we know every aspect of manufacturing, designing, customizing and so much more expert knowledge of the industry that we thoroughly test every piece of gold from our vendors, suppliers and our pawn merchandise. To mistaken or misunderstand what is real gold can be tricky when certain terms are used, like 100 percent pure gold when it is gold plated or another term overlay. Pure gold is very soft therefore some jewelers mix with alloy. Most can rest assured knowing that it is illegal to sell gold in the U.S. less than 10 karat weight however, it doesn't mean that there are some knock-offs being sold out there that are misleading and misrepresenting just what consumers are getting. Again, you know you're purchasing true real gold with the backing of the experts at Salerno Pawn & Jewelry who professionally test the quality karat weight extensively. As for your own protection to test gold there are kits one may have interest to buy themselves like simpler ones in the market such as acid test kits which will reveal if a piece is gold plated or pure. But the best way is to bring it to an authorized jeweler to take the guesswork out of it for you. Come see the expert knowledgeble staff at Salerno and let us know how we can serve you for all your jewelry needs.

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