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All these bright colorful gems!

It is a kaleidoscope of vast colors to choose from when it comes to gems in the world today. The array of jewels found across the world in mines is quite fascinating with great demand. For many of us gemstones represent our birthstone of what month of the year we were born. But for the desires of our hearts the beauty these precious stones have, it is hard to chose a favorite. There is an ambience each gemstone carries like every color in the rainbow and the names start from A to Z. A gem is quite a fascinating mineral in a league of its own. All minerals belong to one of the six crystal groups, classified according to the way the atoms of the mineral are arranged. Minerals also have distinctive properties, such as color, hardness, crystal habit, specific gravity, luster, fracture, and tenacity. Many of these properties can vary among a single mineral, within limits. Many minerals exhibit certain properties that others do not, such as fluorescence and radioactivity. Minerals are an economic commodity; they are mined because of the need for a valuable element they contain or an intrinsic property they may have. Other minerals are mined for their beauty and rareness, thus giving many specimens an accepted worldwide value. There are well over 3,000 scientifically classified different types of minerals, and new ones are always being discovered. The vast majority are not known to professional mineral collectors, because they are rare, have no economic purpose, and for the most part do not make good specimens. At Salerno Pawn & Jewelry we carry exquisite gemstone jewelry and we also can make that special designer piece you need with our expert master craftsmanship. Stop in to see us.

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