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Did the diamond fall from the sky?

Where do diamonds come from, it couldn't have, right... The precious unique diamond is in all parts of the world mined from the earth. But it is believed that there is also a Russian asteroid crater holds over 1 patrillion dollars worth of diamonds which could supply over 3,000 years for the demand of this beautiful gem. Some interesting facts about diamonds, they are nearly impossible to scratch and can cut just about anything which many industries have been known to use them as an amazing cutting tool. As a renowned jewelry manufacturer we have knowledge of clarity, cut, carat even the many color hues this beautiful mineral can come with. When one thinks of the diamond best guess would be white, however the facets behind them are in a vast array of various rainbow colors, like chocolate, pink, yellow, green, purple, blue or any other imaginable color. The heart of a diamond is combined with multiple natural resources from radiation, carbon or other factor elements which give off the array of color clarity. One of the coolest things about diamonds is that they are a billion years old found way beneath the earths surface which have been surfaced from the core by a multitude of natural events like volcano eruptions or other events. When your heart leads you through the traditional life event of that one special person that you love and there is a big ceremony to take place in the near future the engagement ring is the first desire to represent one of the biggest decisions and at the wedding the beautiful bands. At Salerno Pawn and Jewelry we trust that you will find just the perfect rings and we will even specialize that perfect set for your special day. Stop in any time so we can discuss just what you are looking for.

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