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A world of beautiful jewelry design!

Beauty does come from within; as a jewelry design starts with an idea. That one breathtaking ring, matching bracelet and necklace set, pair of earrings, charm or any other "just have to have" amazing genuinely drafted piece of jewelry was started by superior crafting skills. As a 3D Designer amongst many other professions in the industry, some of the greatest creative pieces start with the use of Graphic Design to illuminate a cutting edge unique item in the world or artistic master mind. A little time is not just what it takes to give top notch quality beauty, yet in many cases it is an understatement as you look behind the scenes of jewelry design many countless hours go into the beautiful life of creating just one stunning piece. The entire gem vision is different at Salerno Pawn & Jewelry with state of the art technology beginning with 3D Design software and precise expert knowledge in the field of jewelry. Our passion begins with your insights desiring that one special piece.

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