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One can learn alot by the jewelry worn on a hand...

It's quite amazing the stories many have shared about the jewelry they wear. As a jeweler and designer we have heard individuals talk of the history behind the multiple gemstones which represent their children or grandchildrens birth month, select inherited diamonds they may want displayed in a new jewelry setting, engravings of names or dates stamped on rings with significant meaning, or many other wonderful stories our customers have shared. When it comes to picking out jewelry there seems to be a special meaning behind why the it may have means so much to select a certain piece of fine quality. It will be treasured by those who wear it for many years to come. Just imagine the engagement or wedding Rings alone tell the love one holds so near and dear to the heart. Jewelry is not just for women, it comes in all forms for all ages even including "Men"... that's right. Do you know how the NFL Superbowl winners Denver Bronco's all received one of the most expensive rings in the industry that trophied Superbowl ring of 2016! Even Class rings or Baby rings, first Diamond Earrings, Gold Necklaces way in BIG on the very story of ones life. In some cases people may feel it resembles such milestones from generation to generation that will be passed on to future family members to treasure. Let Salerno Pawn & Jewelry help you with the fine selection of quality jewelry or we can even design and customize with our state of the art equipment we carry. We specialize in casting, 3D creation and anything to help with the special custom piece you are looking for.

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