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Where would we be without Jewelry...

Do we really know anyone who doesn't where or use jewelry? From the beginning of time Kings, Queens, even Pirates used jewelry or other riches in powerful ways... Media and News report on Hollywood & the "Red Carpet" with what celebrity's are wearing revealing their choice of expensive jewels, gems, diamonds & gold. Treasure hunting still occurs today & Gold digging will never stop its popularity in the U.S. and across the world. Jewelry in many forms make a statement that expresses a meaning people value and treasure forever when given as gifts. You can never go wrong giving jewelry to that special someone for any occasion. Perfect for Christenings, Bah or Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Christmas and every other special day in someones lives. At Salerno Pawn & Jewelry we have more arrivals every month. Our excitement comes from your passion to find the special item your special someone will always treasure. We love to help make any occasion perfect. Our knowledgeable staff know every step of crafted quality jewelry and we will help you pick out just what you wanted. Stop in and see us Tuesday through Thursday 11 to 7, Friday 10 to 7, Saturday 9 to 7 and Open Sunday 10 to 3.

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