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Love is in the air...

With Valentine's Day almost here it represents one of the most romantic holidays of all times, Cupid is busy at most on this highly celebrated day. February 14th is also a very active day to show that special someone how life together and asking for their hand in the most beautiful life experiences, that magical moment when engagements happen. At Salerno Pawn & Jewelry

it is so exciting for us to share that special moment on how to pick the perfect ring whether Engagement, Wedding Sets, Wedding bands or Wedding Ring. We carry them all in such quality to fit the necessity of this is one of the pieces, if not the only piece of jewelry that will last your entire lifetime. When it comes to selecting Gold, Platinum or Rose you will want to know the fill of metals and we walk you threw every step so you know just how great our selection we carry is. When asking the girl of your dreams to marry you we take away any fear, dreaded experience that may be scary when picking the right ring or set and love to help you with all concerns and questions you may have about the ring(s) you choose. Even if you are looking for a Custom made ring or ring set for your engagement or wedding day we specialize for decades right here in Florida for over 30 years. Stop in today and let us serve you just what your heart and loved one desires and we passionately know the importance of price, quality and budget that too we always love to help with.

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