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The art of Casting has nothing to do with fishing...

Jewelry Casting is an astounding process to create any gold, silver, platinum or other metal from a beginning idea to an enlightening realm of a beautiful reality. In crafting rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more the steps are quite a few and casting is a masterful mid process to get closer to the finished item individuals treasure for decades. In casting also known as "lost wax" lets take gold for instance; when gold is melted which can take an upward of 1000 degrees farenheit and ready to pour in liquid form it is poured into a mold. This mold is what casting is all about. Our jewelry designers use a 3D (dimentional) printer to create a blue print of the fine jewelry item where a wax replica or mold is created in the same form. The wax replica is then put in a mold in most cases rubber and goes into an oven over night, 6 plus hours also exceeding 1000 degrees and this is where the wax is lost (melted) only to leave the hallow area where the gold will be poured and cooled. Once the gold is cooled in a fridgid temperature the filing takes place to find the flawless metal of perfection and on to the polishing stage to be used in next steps such as diamond settings, gems, additional metal assembling or other. At Salerno Pawn & Jewelry our history started generations ago here in Florida as we have designed outstanding exquisite jewelry items for many jewelers, distributors and more stretching across the U.S. and some international. Our family and staff are considered as highly experienced, knowledgeable experts as a quality jewelry designer so not only do we sell fine fashionable trending jewelry we create whatever you are wanting in jewelry. We have selected excellent jewelry for anyone on your Christmas list or any occasion all ages will love. If you are looking for a unique jewelry designer our reputable respected staff can create any quality item you are desiring. Please stop in any day of the week with our holiday hours and let us help with all your jewelry need.

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