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It's raining Ca$h...

The pawn industry is one of the many institutes that you can always count on to give you money when you need it fast. It would be a great day if it truly was "Raining Cash", but this is how money rolls in the pawn brokerage business. At Salerno Pawn and Jewelry we know many of you near and far have valuable items in your home that you might not be aware which could bring you a little wealth, we can help. Our store makes it easy and fast for you to come in to our convenient location 7 days a week (starting this Fridays Christmas hours) so you can get your life needs handled if you're in need of extra cash. If you're new at pawning, Salerno is not only friendly as we treat you as family, but we pay top dollar and have surprised many with the care we put into each with top notch quality service. By using the highest level of measuring value on items you know you'll always have the best expert care you more than deserve. Our staff is very knowledgeable on numerous items and with the tools we use and expert advise, your pawn ticket will be handed to you with your cash faster than you would expect. We welcome many items to help you get through any situation necessary for you to pay with whatever you need. Unlike banks who give out loans for specific needs our pawn customers never have to state why or what they may need the money for. In the pawn industry it never comes up "what might you need money for", be assured it is extremely confidential. Please allow us the opportunity to help you with all your pawning needs any day of the week or call us with any concerns any time. Salerno Pawn and Jewelry genuinely cares about each of you and excited to help with all your pawn and jewelry needs.

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