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Treasures you'll find in Martin County...

There is a flare of unique riches you will find in the beauty of Martin County where treasures can be found everywhere we look. As we live, love, work and call home the wonderful community of Stuart, FL we have grown passionate about the perseverance it takes to preserve the genuine gem that Martin County is as one of the 66 Counties in our state. Stuart was known as the "Sailfish Capital of the world historically as well.

It should come as know surprise where the Treasure Coasts name comes from, if you guessed "treasure" has something to do with it you are right. Stretching all along our Coast, it carries a desire to search for gold by vast treasure hunter enthusiast (or other artifacts) recognized across the world. Treasure Coast was formed from a Spanish fleet of 12 ships that which 11 of them sunk during a hurricane known as the Treasure Fleet of 1715. Just recently in July 2015 a local family tried their luck at finding gold and succeeded as they discovered a gold coin from the Spanish Fleet with a worth of half a million dollars. You will find Museums displaying some of the heritage throughout our coast you can enjoy any given day. Many diverse wonderful people have settled here in Stuart before and after it was founded in 1925 named after John W. Martin the Florida governer at that time. Even celebrity Celine Dion and others call Stuart, FL home. As we value the streets of Martin County we are excited to team efforts at Salerno Pawn & Jewelry and are very excited to preserve the beauty. We have adopted a one mile stretch of Salerno Rd. to clean up in the "Keep Martin Beautiful" which our store, friends, families or volunteers will proudly do once a month. Our first success of clean up was Saturday, November 14th and it was not only fun for all, but allowed us to feel the inspirational joy which is difficult to describe when you give back to something we all will benefit from.

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