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Salerno: uses the best Diamond grade systems!

It is refreshing to know the exquisite beauty of a remarkable genuine diamond and the characteristic of all the traits this amazing jewel displays. But even more amazing is how to determine the value of the 4 C's. To the first time buyer of any diamond jewelry item whether you're in the market for earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or the traditional ooh-la-la engagement wedding ring set; there is a world renowned grading system that tells you the purchaser just how beautiful the diamond you may be looking at is. Don't be fooled by what we learned in the days of school as to receiving an " F ", when it comes to grading a diamond the " F " is just what you would hope for and stands for Flawless. Before being purchased, many diamonds are sent to a third party laboratory for a comprehensive evaluation; a process known as diamond certification. A reputable lab is one staffed by professional gemologists who specialize in diamond grading. Each diamond certificate issued is uniquely numbered, and corresponds to one individual diamond. From that point forward, the diamond and certificate will travel together from seller to buyer. It is impressive to think the road traveled as a diamond has a paper trail of genuine value, the life of your diamond. Back to the 4 C's, they are Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. To learn more about our remarkable diamond jewelry at the best pricing for your next investment, stop in to meet the knowledgeable friendly staff at Salerno Pawn and Jewelry Tuesday through Sunday.

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