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It is rewarding to be of service in the industry of Pawn and Jewelry. But even more rewarding is to help. Whether it is a little bit of cash or possibly alot, one of many great assets is to be one of the highest paid cash pawn shops in the Treasure Coast. It is the heart of what we like to say "people helping people business". As you may know there are treasures that you may have just lying around your home with unmeasurable value, but Salerno Pawn and Jewelry are experts and very knowledgeable when it comes to pricing many various items, not only jewelry. If you are in need of extra cash, we are here to help. Bring in anything from Golf equipment, Scuba Gear, Trinkets, dishes or glassware, electronics, nostalgic or antiques, ceramics, comic books, DVD's, Motorcycle gear, Bicycles, Cameras or anything else and in just minutes you will have the extra cash you need. This is an excellent time to think about that special Jewelry item you want to have under the Tree for Christmas. Announcing we have opened or Layaway program early for your convenience. We have a broad selection of quality beautiful jewelry and we know our prices are set to amaze you and your budget. And with great excitement you will want to mark your calendar in October for our upcoming Jewelry show we will be attending as we will be bringing you back even more exquisite jewelry items to choose from for all occasions!

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