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In honor of Labor Day, a salute to jewelry craftsmen!

There is a passion and heart that goes into countless hours of a fine piece of quality jewelry. Salerno Pawn & Jewelry extends our gratitude to the work force that makes up the Jewelry Industry. Our suppliers and manufacturers we work with have our highest appreciation for the superior selection they create for our valued customers. We know the many steps from creation, design and the beauty of the finished item it takes beginning to end; so we thank you for all you do. Hand picking particular gems of many shapes and colors or diamonds of multiple carats with skillful settings is a quality we take great pride in to pass on to you for any occasion. Superior jewelry that will last a lifetime is one of the many experts our staff know all too well. For generations here in Florida our family historically dedicated many years to the needs of retailers, jewelers, distributors or others in the industry for fine jewelry. We still carry the tradition to design special pieces with clients who desire to custom design astonishing jewelry. Salerno Pawn & Jewelry salute you, the craftsman and appreciate our future working with you for many years to come. See the friendly staff at Salerno Pawn & Jewelry for all your jewelry needs.

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