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Trends in the Pawn Business

To pawn or not to pawn? Did you know that pawning has pulled individuals through hard times and appears to be recession proof? Pawning is larger than one might think when you look at nearly just 5 years ago in the U.S. their was records of 11,000 plus shops and constituted $14.5 billion industry. The pawn merchandise trends for 2015 proves to be like a "best friend when you need, will be here for you" and proves to be growing in popularity by record numbers. The benefits of turning valuable items into temporary cash are limitless. It is fast, confident, low interest, safe, backed by federal laws, constitutes for un-banking and more than fair in the trading market of valuing merchandise. At Salerno Pawn & Jewelry we are here for all in the hopes of making new friends daily and give the care as if you are part of our family. We are passionate about everything take in knowing that we gained a new customer for life. Historically pawning dates back to B.C. and is renowned for trading items when coins were scarce in a household at the time taxes were due. It is an industry that is global, that's right all across the world. Hollywood doesn't always paint the pawn shops as good, however fiction comes in many forms: Movies, books, etc. Fact is to pawn is bigger, better and preferable by individuals of any age and holds little to no demographics, meaning from waitresses, white or blue color workers, business professionals, wealthy, out of work, retail employees, and multitude of others with diverse backgrounds. Speaking of "background" no background and credit checks are required either. Generally you need a legal form of I.D., an agreement of value on 30 day terms for your item and the loan is transacted. Stop into Salerno Pawn & Jewelry to see how convenient it is if it's your first time or not. Some of the feedback we have heard we paid higher than others.

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