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Featuring "Gold Necklaces"!

Gold necklaces have always been around from what seems to be a life time. Truth be told gold necklaces even date further back than the treasure chests found in the keys from passionate scuba divers who dedicate their lives to cashing in on a "Lucky Day"! Phenomal to consider in ancient times in the Americas somewhere between 2155 to 1936 BC an artifact was discovered at an Inca Indian site. So gold necklaces have come a long long and do we say super long way today! Even the heaviest gold karat necklace some of us might think "Mr. T" himself considering our age and days. Being a trend, gift, style, fashion or anything else gold necklaces have always been in high demand all across the world. They come with not only great value that goes up and down depending on Gold Trade or demand, but are measured variably at 14 karat, 18 karat, 24 karat and other weights. The chain designs are limitless, featuring popularity such as Cuban, Franco, Beveled Curve, Herringbone, Overlay links, Figuero, Rope and the list goes on and on. The forms of gold necklaces come as many too from white gold, tricolor, yellow gold, various karat weights starting at 12k and more. At Salerno Pawn & Jewelry we carry a large selection of excellent quality gold necklaces for all occasions both women and men, also specialty pieces such as monogram, charms, rosary's, first christening and many others. We will even make that special gold necklace you desire, it is one of our many specialties; custom quality jewelry designers. Come see our great selection at excellent prices.

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