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Quinceanera, a beautiful celebration of a young girls life

The "Quinceanera" is a wonderful festive gathering of many families and friends to give recognition to a girl grown into a young lady at the age of fifteen. The celebration of this is like a big birthday party dating as far back as Ancient Aztec culture. It is mostly hispanic or latin tradition from Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Central and South America. If you have ever experienced the beauty of what the Quinceanera tradition is truly about; the blessed joy of this marks many ceremonious honors. The 15 year old is dressed in elegant ballroom like gown with a courtship called the "Court of Honor" made of young girls in dresses and boys in tuxedos as the ceremony begins. There is a tradition where the father would change his daughters shoe into a dressier heel as she is like a princess with a septor, a tiara just glorious fashion. The Quinceanera festival is generally held either at a banquet hall, ones large house or at a Church. Some of the traditional accessories consist of: Flower Bouquet, Cake Decoration, Cake server set, Champagne glasses, The last doll, Guest book, Photo album, Invitations, Reception cards, Ceremony pillows and Guest favors. It is with great honor to recognize this time of transition. At Salerno Pawn and Jewelry we carry various jewelry pieces perfect for the Quinceanera celebration.

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